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Mr Alexandre YOUGBARE, Director of the Academy in the Republic of Burkina Faso

Mr. Alexandre YOUGBARE

Mr Alexandre YOUGBARE is the Director of the Academy of Burkina Faso. He oversees the implementation of the national Strategic Development Plan of Burkina Faso and will develop, coordinate and co-manage the NCE and each ESLs with the Ministry of Sports.

Mr. YOUGBARE currently holds the position of General Director of Sports with the Ministry of Sports of Burkina Faso. Prior this position he was a professor of Physical Education and Sports, a position he held in various schools in Burkina Faso. He then became a professor at the National Institute of Youth, Physical Education and Sport of Ouagadougou after which he became an Inspector in Secondary Education. Former athlete and champion, football player and lifeguard, he is also an athletic coach which led him to the National Technical Department.

He is the organizer of national and international events. His international career led him to become the Director of EPS/SPORTS programs at CONFEJES and a diplomatic advisor to the Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Senegal.

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