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2030 Targets

The Alliance Strategic Plan for the 2024-2030 period ("ASP2030") describes the implementation strategy for the deployment of Academies in the territory of our Member-States and expands on what to expect for the transition and transfer of knowledge period. 

The strategic plan for the next 6 years is to build one (1) Academy in the territory of each of our Member-States and the International Academy in the territory of the Host Country. 

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The International Academy

Any Member-State and candidate to membership may bid for hosting the International Academy and Headquarters of the Alliance.

The state hosting the International Academy, previously World Center of Excellence (WCE), will become the Headquarters of the Alliance.


The International Academy will be responsible for the design and delivery of Alliance programs. It will also be responsible to assume the lead role in the planning, design, and construction of each Academy. For that purpose, the Host Country will partner with national and international project operators with expertise to manage complex end-to-end projects, from design to construction with for aim the deliver Academies and sports infrastructures in phases to Member-States between 2026-2028. 

The International Academy will also have for function to receive top student-athletes from national Academies during their collegial studies (18-21) and to act as the official “agency” of all student-athletes, overseeing partnerships with international clubs, competitions and sporting events and assisting student-athletes with representation, contract negotiation, social media strategy, legal advice, tax and wealth planning and all other aspects of their sports careers. 


The International Academy will host various Ministerial conferences with Ministers of Education, Sports & Health and private sector representatives to advise on frameworks and guides to define and evaluate impacts of programs. Ministerial conferences will aim, amongst other things to establish with Member-States Multilateral Cooperation Agreements for the integration of Alliance programs into the National Education Systems of participating Member-States.

The Restructuring Board of the Alliance and the Agency have distributed the Host Country Protocols (HCP) to Member-States. The HCP establishes the protocols and procedures to be followed by Member-States and candidates to membership for the submission of bids to Host the International Academy.

Are you interested in submitting an application to host the International Academy and the Headquarters of the Alliance ? 


Academies are modern preparatory boarding schools, sports training and education centers dedicated to young athletes aged 14-18.



Each Academy is operated by the Alliance and will feature a boarding school for young student-athletes with proprietary programs and standard education programs affiliated with local schools, a dorm and residence building with sleeping quarters and a cafeteria, a campus with medical and professional training facilities and a sport infrastructure capable of hosting major regional sport events and competitions.


Each Academy will be able to receive up to 25 new student-athletes per year and 100 student-athletes at the same time. Stadiums will be able to receive +/- 2’000 guests, have lane tracks, runways with international-standard pits, press boxes with the ability to broadcast live and video display screens. Stadiums will be available for private rental and will serve as the home venue for trainings, events and competitions.


Facilities are developed from the ground up on land provided at no cost by Member-States. They are financed by the Alliance and led by a National Director under the direction and supervision of the President of the International Academy. National Directors lead the operations of their Academy, appoint and dismiss experts, teachers and coaches, oversee the development of national strategies and relay with Ministries and the International Academy. 


Meet the National Directors here 

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Academy Program Application

Member-States and candidates to membership are invited to identity a suitable land of +/- 5 hectares near their capital city to build the Academy and to have finalised their Academy Program Application before the 31st of July 2024.



Our education and sports programs are designed by experts in sports, curriculum specialists, teachers and coaches.

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The modules for educating youth and training teachers developed by international groups of experts in 2007 were the foundation that led to the creation of the World Center of Excellence (WCE), now the International Academy. 

The Host Country, as the leading Member-State of the Alliance will host the International Academy and will lead the development and enhancement of education and sports programs with experts in sports, curriculum specialists, teachers and coaches, the goal of which is to introduce young athletes to the values of sport, Olympics and their relationship to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. 


Programs will be delivered in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish in physical and digital format to athlete-students of our Academies, clubs and sports organizations, preparing them compete in national and international competitions and to schools when integrated in National Education Systems.


The purpose of our programs is not only to train high-performance athletes, but also to provide students with the skills necessary to lead, communicate, integrate into society, and to prepare them to hold positions of responsibility in the sports industry. From the classroom to the field, Alliance Programs will help students become successful athletes and global citizens. 

Sports training

Join the Experts

From initial planning to managing the work of experts, teachers and coaches, each Academy will have for responsibility to build, deliver, evaluate and share best practices to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Are you an expert in the field of sports and would like to join one of our Academies ?

Alliance Games

The Alliance and the Agency have joined forces to create the “Alliance Games”. 


At heart of the Alliance Games is a long-term strategy to become the largest annual and global sporting event for athletes of age 14-18. One that we believe has the capacity to fill a significant gap in SDG targets while delivering excitement, engagement, collaboration and empowerment.

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The Alliance Games will combine the experience of the Alliance in education and sports and the expertise of the Agency in delivering technology and financing solutions.


Competitions will be organized on campus or at the national stadium of each Member-State. Participants must be between 14-18 years old and be citizens of one of our Member-States to participate. 


For each competition, the Academy will select up to 25 winners in targeted fields who will become ambassadors of the Academy and their country and who will receive full scholarships in one of our Academies. Scholarships will include full access to academic and athletic programs, lodging, meals, clothing and living budget until the age of eighteen (18). Students will be able to choose from various scholarship terms and visit their homes at the end of the academic year, semester or during weekends.


At the end of their scholarship, student-athletes will compete against other students at the national and international level. Winners of end-of-scholarship competitions will be hired or receive a scholarship at the International Academy or at any public or private accredited school of their choice until they reach the age twenty one (21).


The competitions will offer a range of challenges in sports and education, the list of which will be drawn up by each Academy in cooperation with Ministers of Education and Sports as well as schools, sports groups and national sports movements in each Member-State.


National scholarships will be funded via the National General Fund of the Member-State while scholarships at the International Academy or accredited schools will be funded by the General Fund of the Alliance; provided that the Alliance will seek to fund scholarships through donors and sponsors whenever it can do so appropriately.


Over the 2026-2030 period, the Alliance will seek to award +11,000 scholarships with +4,000 scholarships per year by 2030


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