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Mr Mayamba SITALI, Director of the Academy in Zambia and Advisor to the Chairman of the Restructuring Board for the Commonwealth

M. Mayamba SITALI
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Mr. SITALI is the Director of the Academy in Zambia and the Advisor of the Alliance for the Commonwealth. As such, he is responsible for assisting in the appointment of the Directors of National Centers of Excellence in the Commonwealth. 

Mr. SITALI became the Focal Point of the Alliance in the Republic of Zambia in September 2013. He is now tasked by the International Academy to monitor Sport for Development and Peace activities in the Commonwealth and to assist in establishing partnerships.

Mr. SITALI holds two master's degrees in science, sport and in communication for development. After teaching at the Ministry of Education, he held the positions of Lecturer, Researcher and Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport at Kwame Nkrumah University. He has developed strategic and operational plans for sports and recreation and organized a conference on the decolonisation of education.

His research focuses on the use of traditional games for teaching Olympic values education and Olympic education in the context of sport for development.

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