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Prof. Dr Zahid Haque, Secretary General of the Alliance and Executive Director of the Agency

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Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque currently serves as the Secretary General of the Alliance, a position he was re-appointed after his first mandate in 2020. Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque also serves since June 22nd 2022 as an Executive Director of the Agency.

Prior to taking his position, Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque was the appointed Secretary-General for the Alliance, in which capacity he attended and organized many functions in the field of Sports and Education, whilst promoting the Alliance philosophy on international platforms and forums. At times, he combined his Secretary-General function with professional activities as Professor and Dean of the Seisa University (Japan), the University of Newcastle (USA), the Open International University of Complementary Medicine and was Chancellor of the Asean University (Indonesia). He served as an International Advisor for the Malaysian Arbitral Tribunal Establishment (MATE) and as Senior Vice President of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia.


Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque is also a columnist, a researcher and an activist. He has produced and directed Health shows for TV and radio shows. He is a Life Member of International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry (India) & World Peace Development & Research Foundation (India). He serves as a Senate member of Open International University of Complementary Medicine (Sri Lanka) and as an Advisor to the International Board of Medicine & Surgery.


For his unwavering commitment to humanitarian works and projects, Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque was awarded and is the recipient of distinguished and royal decorations including Knighthoods Commander title from St.John of Jerusalem, KNIGHT CHEVALIER from Maison Royale Merovingienne de Toulouse Gévaudan from Italy and Argentina. The Royal palace of Malaysia as Dato' and Dato' Seri, Indonesia as Dato' and Dato' Seri, Highest Humanitarian Award 8th from all India Council of Human Rights and Liberties as well as from the Philippines as Datu for his Humanitarian works in Home and Abroad.    


Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque is a Bangladeshi citizen, residing in Bangladesh. He has over 18 years of professional working experience in Medical, Academics, Aviation, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, International Relations and welfare and Humanitarian sectors. Prof. Dr. Zahid Haque has a PhD, Honorary Doctorate (Dhc) from Different Universities, D.Litt, MBA in Hospital Management from the Newcastle University, MBBS, MPH in Public health, LL.B,D.Sc in Neurology, FAAFP, FIBMS (USA), FRSPH from UK.

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