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Mr Around Korjie
Director of the Academy of Sierra Leone

Mr. Haroun Korjie_ Sierra Leone

Mr. Haroun Korjie has been appointed by the Alliance on May 16, 2023 as the Director of the Academy of Sierra Leone. He will oversee the implementation of the national Strategic Development Plan of Sierra Leone. 


Mr. Haroun Korjie is an international athlete and former sprinter who participated in the 1992 [Barcelona] and 1996 [Atlanta] Olympic Games. He won the silver medal at the 5th All Africa Games in Egypt, 1991. He graduated in "Sports and Exercise Science" with a Bachelor of Science: {Hons} Sports and Exercise Science from University of East London–London.


He has over seven years of experience in sports management, organizational, strategic planning, development and peripheral responsibilities in sports coaching and sports in general. He has extensive knowledge of sports program regulations and sports psychology and politics. He is currently Director of Sports in the Ministry of Sports in Sierra Leone.


He exercises leadership and has vision in improving and developing existing and new innovative sports and recreation programs to better meet the needs of service users. He was notably Deputy Site Manager of Fit for Sport in the UK.


He constantly motivates and inspires athletic men and women to give their best in sports. Thoroughly explains training methods to athletes so they can better understand athletic progress and goals. Coaching and education professional with extensive experience in exercise science, nutrition and overseeing the operations of all sports programs.


Mr. Harun Korjie is a recognized coach. In particular, he was Deputy CEO of Rokel football club. He also managed and supported “Golden East” athletics club of over 25 track and field athletes both national and international.

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