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The Initiative

The Alliance Initiative consists of building and operating Academies, organizing competitions and awarding scholarships to students-athletes in the territory of its Member-States, at no cost for Member-States. 

Burundi Alliance
Modern Office Building

We build Academies 

Academies are modern preparatory schools and sports and education training centers dedicated to young student-athletes aged 14-18. They are built on the territory of our Member-States, feature a boarding school with proprietary and standard education programs affiliated with local schools, a dorm with sleeping quarters, a cafeteria and a campus with professional training and medical facilities.


Integrated in each Academy is a modern stadium with lane tracks, runways with international-standard pits, press boxes with the ability to broadcast live and large video display screens. The stadium is available for private rental and serves as the home venue for competitions, games and track field programs. 

Jumping Over Water

We organize Competitions 

Alliance Games are competitions organized annually on campus or at the national stadium of the Member-State in partnership with schools, sports organisations and federations to identify and select top talent within specific fields. 


Competitions offer a range of challenges in sports and education designed by the Academy in cooperation with Ministers of Education and Sports, schools, sports groups, national sports movements and federations in each Member-State and at the international level.


Participants must be between 14-18 years old and be citizens of one of our Member-State to participate. 

High School Basketball Team

We award Scholarships 

For each competition, the Academy selects up to 25 winners in targeted fields who become ambassadors of the Academy and their country and who receive full scholarships in the Academy.


Scholarships include full access to academic and athletic programs, lodging, meals, clothing and living budget until the age of eighteen (18). Students are able to choose from various scholarship terms and visit their homes at the end of the academic year, semester or during weekends.


At the end of their scholarship, student-athletes compete against all other Academies. Winners receive scholarships at the International Academy or at any public or private accredited school of their choice until they reach the age twenty one (21).

The Process

1. Thematic Selection

The Academy in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports and its partners, selects education and sports thematics as the focus of the Alliance Games.


2. Distribution of Programs

Academy programs and rules of the Alliance Games are distributed via local and regional schools, clubs and federations. 


3.Call for registration

Alliance Games are launched giving 100 days for participants across all territories to prepare and register for the competitions.


4. Announcements

Participants are announced. They are provided access to a private learning and management portal. Their profiles are made public. 


5. Competitions 

Participants meet at the Academy with their friends and family. The competition is public and broadcasted live. 


6. Award Announcement

Winners are announced. Podium ceremony. Fan-tokens are issued.


7. Scholarship selection 

Student-athletes chose between scholarships. The Academy prepares its student-athletes for their new journey. 

Join the Initiative 

Learn more about our implementation strategy and how to submit your Application to become a Member-State and host an Academy here.

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