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Malick Maachi, Founding Managing Director
of the Agency

Malick Maachi
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Malick Maachi is the Founder of the Agency and assumed office as its first President ( now Managing Director ) in July 2020. In October 2021, upon taking office as the Chairman of the Agency, Mr Maachi pressed ahead with the creation of the International Innovation Fund (IIF) to finance the creation of innovation hubs in the territory of African and Latin American states. Mr Maachi was reappointed as President/Managing Director of the Agency in July 2022 when the Agency became a specialised agency of the Alliance. Mr Maachi is currently leading the creation of the International Academy and the transition of the Agency from a specialized agency to an international financial institution.


Prior to the creation of the Agency, Mr. Maachi founded Digitrade in 2016. As Digitrade's Chief Executive Officer, he lead the build out of crypto and financial market applications and provided management consulting services to private clients and international organisations. 


From 2013 to 2018 he operated Accredited Access, a compliance and enhanced due diligence agency to serve public institutions and private capital market participants.


Mr Maachi began his financial career as a futures trader, then as a risk manager for trading firms. He then launched in 2009  Europrop Trading, a proprietary trading and market making firm which operated globally. In this capacity he managed the set up and financing of trading floors and trading firms globally. He also trained traders. Between 2003 and 2018, he traded global derivate markets independently. 


Mr Maachi is a French and Canadian citizen and a Swiss resident born in Dakar, Senegal. Mr Maachi spent his early years living around the world, he received his education in France and Canada. He believes in consistent stimulation of both body and mind through sports and education and has gained his expertise in technology, finance, law and international relations through entrepreneurship.

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