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Mr Mathias Manirakiza
Director of the Academy of Burundi

M. Mathias MANIRAKIZA Burundi

Mr. Manirakiza is the Director of the Academy in Burundi, taking over the task and legacy of Mr. Nicodème Kamurari who was one of the most faithful collaborators of our organization. He had led the adhesion of Burundi through his work with Minister Nyenimigabo and has led with consistency, competence and discretion the negotiation of public-private partnerships that led to the successful mission of July 2012.


In 2012 Mr. Manirakiza followed negotiations with the Ministry of Sports. He now takes over the management of the Alliance in his country with the agreement and support of Doctor Ezekiel Nibigira, Ambassador and Minister of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sports and Culture.


Mr. Manirakiza is currently the Managing Director of Sports for the ministry. He is a graduate in physical and sports education and a literacy trainer with UNESCO. He is a speaker and author on youth issues. He has supervised several socio-behavioural and socio-economic surveys and has participated in the organization of the Francophone Games.

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