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Mr. Vladimir MARTINS DOS SANTOS, Advisor to the Chairman of the Restructuring Board to Hispanophone and Lusophone States

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Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS advises the Alliance in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world, more specifically for Latin America. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with Spanish and Portuguese speaking Member States of the Alliance and to assist the Alliance in the process of appointing and maintaining relationships with Directors of National Centers of Excellence in these States. Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS is also the official Spanish and Portuguese translator of the Alliance.

Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS has been a pillar of the General Secretariat of the Alliance since January 2008. He is at the origin of the adhesion of the Republic of Chile and Costa Rica where he organized and led official missions. He is the main point of contact that maintains relationships with Chile, Colombia and Panama.

Over the last ten years Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS held multiple roles within the Alliance. He was the Assistant to the Secretary General, Advisor for Hispanophonia and Lusophony and was responsible for diplomatic, political, institutional and cooperation relations with Spanish and Portuguese Member States. In charge of the management and coordination of accession procedures for Latin American countries and Spanish and Portuguese speaking States, he coordinated the network of National Centers of Excellence for Sports, Physical Education and Leisure as well as coordinated communication and and supported a network of correspondents and international experts in sports sciences. He is the organizer of diplomatic missions and manages the social media accounts of the Alliance in these regions.

Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS has intervened during the "Fundación Defensores Del Chaco" in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina giving him a good knowledge in the field and a good command of human relations.  Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS has shown loyalty and determination in supporting the Alliance Initiative for over a decade. 


Mr. MARTINS DOS SANTOS holds a master's degree in science and techniques of physical and sports activities. In the Principality of Andorra he was responsible for the development and coordination of economic and tourist promotion activities at the sports, environmental, cultural and tourist level in the natural area of Engolasters. He was also responsible for the commercial and reservations area of the Sports Department of the Municipality of Andorra la Vella.

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