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Dr. Taib BENNANI Advisor to the Chairman of the Restructuring Board  

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Dr. Taib Bennani has been the Focal Point of the Alliance in the Kingdom of Morocco since May 2007. With the team of experts in charge of developing Sport-SDGs programs, he prepared and facilitated the validation seminar of Sport-SDGs training modules which were at the origin of the creation of the Alliance as an Intergovernmental Organization in the presence of international civil society – UN-NGO-IRENE and AICESIS.

Dr. Bennani participated in meetings with Advisors of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity which led to the creation of the Moroccan Center of Excellence Sport-SDGs, of which he took the Direction.


As such, Dr. Bennani is one of the experts of the World Center of Excellence Sport-SDGs ( now International Academy ) for which he launched a collection of books "Wide Angle" whose aim is to present the contribution of Sport to the SDGs in the member states of the Alliance.

Dr. Bennani has published articles in national and international journals and has conducted several research projects within the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab.

From 2007 to 2018, he was the local intermediary for bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the General Secretariat of the Alliance. He ensured constant relations between the Advisers of the Royal Palace and the Alliance, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of National Education, the Presidents of Moroccan public and private Universities and has worked on the integration of the Moroccan Center of Excellence into the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Dr. Bennani is a sociologist of organizations, consultant and international trainer, specialist in issues of organizational governance, management of public sports policies. He holds a doctorate in management, communication and social responsibility of organizations, a postgraduate doctorate in human resources, management and skills engineering and an aggregation in sports sciences.


Dr. Bennani's dual expertise has enabled him to manage several consulting projects with major Moroccan and international groups. He held the position of Professor at the Royal College (Royal Palace) for fifteen years, as program manager of the first Master's degree in human resources management at the International University of Rabat. He was administrative general manager of the Sports Association of the Royal Armed Forces and a coach within the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics.


Dr. Bennani also sat for more than twenty years in the National Commissions, in the Disciplinary Technical Groups and in the Jury Commissions of the Moroccan Aggregation in Sports Sciences.


Currently, Dr. Bennani is piloting a cross-disciplinary research project aimed at building the first repository of socially responsible human resource management in sports organizations. The project aims to strengthen the organizational governance of sports organizations by adopting a set of measurable, identifiable and socially responsible performance indicators.

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