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Nektar Meeting 
Geneva, Switzerland, July 25, 2024 

The Nektar Meeting is an exclusive invitation only event organized with Heads of States, Ministers, government officials as well as diverse groups of athletes, investors and executives of sports clubs and federations.


On July 25, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland, Nektar and the Alliance will present the International Academy to potential partners, sponsors and investors.


The highlight of the event will be the auctioning of the Nektar Global Rights who will give the opportunity to one individual or organization to display its name and logo on the premises (Academies, Stadiums and training facilities) as well as means of transport, merchandising, competitions and programs of the Alliance.

Assembly Hall

Alliance General Assembly 
Location and Date to be Announced 

Once selected, the Host Country, under the hospice of its Minister of Sports will host all the Ministers of Youth, Sports and Education of the Alliance that have committed to join the Alliance Initiative for the development of Academies in their countries.

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