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About the Agency

The Agency is a specialised agency of the Alliance and a multi-stakeholder initiative that promotes discussion and multilateral cooperation, support commercial market openness and quality, and support its member-states achieve their Sustainable Development Goals and targets for the benefit of youth, using science, technology and innovation as a conduct.


The Agency is domiciled in Zug, Switzerland and maintains operations in
St Maarten and Germany.

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Our Purpose


The purpose of the Agency is to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, using science, technology and innovation as a conduct and, to support the Alliance pursue its socio-economic initiatives in the territory of its member-states.


   We promote cooperation, develop strategies and policies in science, technology and innovation road maps and share best practices.


   We prioritize collaboration, mobilize capital and experienced management and assist in financing, operating and expanding private enterprises to contribute to the development of our members.



We facilitate the expansion of financial hubs in the territory of our members to attract foreign and domestic capital flow thereby building better financial market quality and creating employment.

We make the resources of the Agency available to members, providing them with opportunity to adapt to rapid technology changes and to compete in the new global economy.


We use our resources to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of disequilibrium in the implementation of the SDGs for all members.

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Business Standards 


Specialized Agency

 The Agency became a specialized agency of the Alliance on the 9th day of July 2022 when it was appointed with full power and authority to manage assets, raise capital, invest and develop and implement commercial and financial activities for the Alliance and its 34 member-states. The Alliance and the Agency are since then sister organizations that make up the Innovation Alliance.

Business Consortium & Fundraising Initiatives  

The Innovation Alliance appointed Nektar, a private firm to establish and operate an international business consortium, manage relationships with the private sector and, to organize fundraising initiatives following business standards, practices and protocols.

Learn more about Nektar 

Advisory Council 
Our Advisory Council
 will be selected by the Board of Governors. The Council will include representatives of security, science, technology, banking and commercial interests with as wide a national representation as possible and will advise the Agency on matters of general policy. Councillors will serve for two years and may be reappointed.

Learn more about the Advisory Council 


Investment Committee  

Our oversight Investment Committee is composed of three persons selected by the Executive Board. The Committee advise the Agency on the development of frameworks and guides to define and evaluate impacts of investments and reports achievements of positive contribution towards the SDGs to the Executive Board and to members. 


Code of Conduct 

Our Code of Conduct explains how we underscore our collective responsibility in upholding the highest standards of conduct at all times.

Learn More 


The Alliance Initiative  

Learn more about the Alliance, the initiative, the vision and our participating member-states.


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