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The Alliance

The Alliance works with the public and private sector via the Agency and the Nektar IBC to finance its initiatives, at no cost to its Member-States. 

Economic Model

The economic model of the Alliance consists of using donations, sponsorship, naming rights, partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and revenues generated from commercial projects and financial vehicles (SDG Ventures) established or operated by the Agency and members of the Nektar IBC to finance the Alliance Initiative in the territory of its Member-States.


SDG Ventures are structured in accordance with the protocols established by the Alliance and the Agency and may be developed in the territory of our Member-States or at the international level. When necessary, SDG Ventures secure financing through the Agency who prioritises economic sectors recommended in Country Strategies.


The Alliance also publicises its competitions and events to attract brands and to secure sponsorship, advertising and broadcasting revenues. 

Use of Proceeds

The Alliance determines prior any activity, operation or transaction what part of an income (e.g. donation, naming right, initial contribution, SDG Venture net income or revenue) is placed into the National General Fund or the National Reserve Fund of a Member-State.


Assets held in the National General Fund are used by the Alliance in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan developed with the Member-State, while assets held in the National Reserve Fund are used by the Member-State to support local, regional and national education and sports competitions and to meet budget needs for youth.

The Academy

The Academy Method is a strategy that uses “fan-tokens” to finance the education, training and career of student-athletes by unlocking the power of technology and finance. 

Student-Athlete Fan-Tokens

Fan-tokens will be issued for each student-athletes once they receive their scholarships. Fan-tokens will be available for purchase and trading in perpetuity by anyone, accompanying student-athletes throughout their studies and careers. 


Revenues generated from the sale of fan-tokens will go to finance the programs of students and will give fans the ability to track, vote and get rewards. In time, the value of tokens would increase based on achievements, competition results, grades and contract value in the professional world.


Fan-tokens and the Academy Method are key components of the Alliance economic model as they help finance the future of student-athletes while supporting the Alliance Initiative. They allow for the transparent tracking and allocation of funds and can be used to finance scholarships, helping future student-athletes and furthering the Academy in the country of the student-athlete.


In addition, with the support of the Academy, student-athletes will create their online identity, publish content, manage their social accounts and keep their followers engaged and entertained. This will teach student-athletes the importance of financial management, business and marketing at a young age.

The Agency

The International Innovation Agency (Agency) is a specialised agency of the Alliance and a member of the Innovation Alliance. 


The Agency acts as a trustee and bank of special purpose for the Alliance. It also raises funds, manages assets, builds technology and ensures that the Alliance operates at maximum efficiency.

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Nektar is appointed by the Alliance and the Agency to operate the International Business Consortium (IBC)


Nektar acts as a facilitator, identifying donors, sponsors, investors and private companies having specialized responsibilities to build commercial or financial projects in support of the Alliance Initiative.

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